MusicBox Stack Store Edition

MusicBox Store PlayList

Taking a sprinkling of the same magic used in our other MusicBox stacks we now present MusicBox Store edition.

After the great reception of MusicBox we had been asked if we could make a playlist but, also allow for links back to your own Amazon or iTunes listed album pages. We took the opportunity to make a few changes along the way to make this all possible in this new Stack element that integrates a playlist, audio player and additional link buttons. However, the killer feature is that this is all controlled and managed from a simple Google Doc (spreadsheet) so you can make changes on the fly without a republish!

Perfect for displaying track samples whether you are a in a band, musician, voice-artist or just want to show off those audio tracks with friends and family.

No coding experience is required all you need to follow are these three easy steps that we cover in more detail with our User Guide.

  • setup a simple list in a Google Docs to your media, artwork and store links
  • Publish your Google document
  • Add the MusicBox Store Stack element to your page with your document key
MusicBox and Tracks


  • No PHP required
  • integrated mp3 player and playlist
  • create a list in a Google Doc (spreadsheet), changes made in the document update the player track list. You can also share the document with other editors or your clients.
  • support images in the player (can be for each track if you like)
  • Add links to your Amazon, iTunes purchase page
  • additional support for links to CartLoom digital products, a very nice shopping cart made by YabDab
  • looks and plays great in Firefox, Safari, iPad and iPhone


  • A public (published) Google doc matching the format we describe in our User Guide
  • MP3 tracks need to be public on the web, if it cannot be opened in a standalone browser window then the player will work correctly.


  • only one musicbox store-playlist stack in a page for now
  • no mixing in the same page with other MusicBoxes


Check out our live demo page